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    The Home Buying Process

    Buying a home can be a wondering and exciting time – particularly when you receive professional guidance and are able to go about it in a logical, informed process.  Given that the Atlanta real estate market continues to show incredible strength and homes are typically listed and contracted for quickly, proper planning will help you focus on what you want, also eliminate unnecessary distractions, and help ensure your home buying process is as enjoyable as possible.  Working with a professional who understands both the Atlanta market and real estate purchase & sale transactions will help you anticipate and prepare for requests from sellers, lenders, lawyers, and a host of other professionals involved in the process.  This will allow you to purchase your new home with minimum hassles.

    It is our job as trusted real estate ad visors to help streamline  the steps involved in buying a home for you, ensure that everything is completed according to plan, and that we help you find the right home, negotiate the price and terms, and help you take care of all the details.  While there can be many twists and turns along your journey, we’ve provided a quick summary of the steps you should expect to encounter along the path to buying your new home:

    1. Initial Consultation: Establish a working relationship, exchange information on the current state of the Atlanta market, disucss financing options
    2. Home Search: Consult with a lender for mortgage pre-approval, view and evaluate properties based on your personal criteria, choose the right home
    3. Prepare an Offer: Review comparable sales, review any Seller’s disclosures, Decide on a price and other terms
    4. Reach Agreement with Seller: Present offer to seller, negitiate terms and possible counter-offer, finalize purchase agreement
    5. Complete Inspections: Schedule a home inspection, negotiate any issues discovered
    6. Pre-Closing Preparations: Order homeowners insurance, finalize documents with lender, perform final walk-thought, receive Clear to Close from lender
    7. Closing Day: transfer funds, and receive your keys!


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