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    Condo Development Bringing New Architectural Aesthetic to Midtown

    To say that Midtown Atlanta is going through a construction boom at the moment is a bit of an understatement – at my last count there were 17 development projects currently underway, and another 25 in the planning / exploration phase.  Whether all this development reaches its full potential remains to be seen, however with an estimated 2.5 million people expected to move to metro Atlanta over the next 25 years, I’d say it’s safe to assume that most of this development will be needed.

    One of the tough spots with any new development is how the project will look once it’s completed.  Sure, not everyone has to live or work in any given building, but in a city of millions we all have to look at it!  And for what it’s worth, each new building that goes up helps shape the skyline of a city which helps develop a unique look and feel that can be  recognized all over the world.  Cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco may be icons in their own right, but can anyone really imagine any of those cities without thinking of their corresponding iconic structures such as the Empire State Building, the Willis (Sears) Tower, or the Transamerica Pyramid?

    Unfortunately, despite the amazing developments that have been happening in Atlanta over the past twenty years or so, the city has found itself somewhat stuck in the doldrums when it comes to architectural distinction.  Sure, we have seen great new and modern buildings pop up over the years, but this has come at the expense of what the link I just posted refers to as “Skyline Monotony”.

    Well, fortunately, it seems that some of these developers have caught on to and there may be some changes coming on the horizon…hopefully sooner and not later!  One building that has particularly caught my eye is this high-end residence tower, located across the street from the Fox Theatre.  The building has been in the planning stage for the past year but as of this week it appears that construction is moving full steam ahead!  A completion date has yet to be announced but, based off the renderings of the project, I am definitely waiting with anticipation.

    Midtown Atlanta is crafting new zoning policies to further improve the pedestrian experience. Buried power lines, stringent street requirements, minimized parking, public art, and new storefronts are all part of the rewrite. For years, Midtown has been working to manage the impact of its explosive growth, with varied success. But now, new zoning updates targeting the urban experience have been revealed as part of an updated zoning ordinance. Atlanta’s Midtown Alliance reports that community input was crucial in shaping the lately parameters that are meant to ensure high-quality, high-value development in Midtown. While the ordinance updates are far-reaching, they all address fundamental aspects that influence the human-scale friendliness of Midtown streets and attractiveness of the environment.

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