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Midtown Atlanta Named as One of America’s Top Five Great Neighborhoods

Well this is a pleasant surprise!  The American Planning Association -an organization comprised of planners, public officials, educators, students, and citizens who are committed to creating vital communities – has named Midtown Atlanta as one of America’s Top Five Neighborhoods for 2016!  #WOW

I’ve included a link to their full website below, but here are a few of the highlights from the quite lengthy and detailed posting:

  • [Midtown Atlanta] stands out as a dense, mixed-use walkable area in a region traditionally known for its decades of sprawling growth.
  • In the late 1990s, Midtown Alliance worked with the City of Atlanta on a “Blueprint Midtown” master plan that led to the largest rezoning effort in the city’s history — ensuring appropriate densities, a mix of uses, and a walkable and active street experiences.
  • Today, Midtown Atlanta is a blend of commercial enterprise, arts and cultural attractions, higher education, residential living, and greenspace.
  • In a region where land use and transportation conditions have been heavily influenced by low-density, auto-dominated decision making, Midtown Atlanta stands out for its focus on pedestrians.
  • As of Summer 2016, 20 major mixed-use development projects were actively under construction, including residential apartments, condos and townhomes ranging from 2-25 stories, offices, institutional, hotels, and street-level restaurant/retail uses.
  • Midtown Atlanta boasts more than 2,200 street trees in the public right of way, and a growing array of pocket parks, outdoor cafes, and street activities.

To read the full, in-depth article, just follow this link to the American Planning Association’s website



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