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Charlie Ballard

Five Reasons to Love the Upper Westside

This month Atlanta Magazine published an article titled Five Reasons to Love the Upper Westside and I encourage you to follow the link and give their list a look-see.  While I honestly don’t know when the term “Upper Westside” started to really gain traction in Atlanta’s neighborhood vocabulary, the phrase doesn’t seem to be going away and, frankly, the former New Yorker in me who used to live on that Upper West Side couldn’t be happier.  While Atlanta Magazine provides five great specifics, the summation of their article is as follows:

The area is home to quiet neighborhoods filled with a mix of historic mill worker homes, bungalows, and squat apartment complexes. But lately development, from warehouse conversions to a much-needed grocery store, has been booming in the area. “It’s one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets,” says Dustin Hillis, a former Riverside Neighborhood Association president. “But that’s rightfully changing.”

I’m a little disappointed that my neighborhood of Underwood Hills doesn’t get a shout-out in the Atlanta Magazine piece, but that’s my own persona bias (or is it? Underwood Hills is awesome!).


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